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Blue Fluted Plain captivates with its classic versatility. Its graceful decoration emphasises the delicate form and craftsmanship of each piece. Blue Fluted Plain is a timeless service; it can be used every day, as the basis for a unique collection of Royal Copenhagen porcelain, mixing the traditional with the modern. Eternally classic.

Royal Copenhagen’s first-ever dinner service, Blue Fluted Plain, was created in 1775 and still today, the service is known and loved around the world. As the first pattern from Royal Copenhagen, Blue Fluted Plain was given the moniker ‘Pattern No.1’, and since 1775, the number ‘1’ has been marked on the underside of every piece of Blue Fluted Plain porcelain. Blue Fluted Plain is a timeless porcelain service made to be used every day, and still today, a Blue Fluted Plain bowl, dish, plate or cup is a beautiful addition to any porcelain collection.

Blue Fluted Plain is also known as the "mussel" painted pattern, and though many old tales explain the meaning behind the name, no one knows for sure. Some claim the name refers to the pattern’s landscape of fluted and plain sections, which resemble the shape of a mussel. Others, like former Artistic Director, Arnold Krog, claimed the name derived from the cobalt blue colour used in the hand-painted decorations, a colour also referred to as "mussel colour”.

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