Hand made cement tile, 200 x 200 x 16mm (BLACK)

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SIZE: 200 X 200 X 16 MM


Handmade, Exquisite Texture, Aesthetic, Environment Friendly, Long-lasting.

Cement tile is a kind of concrete building decoration material with special patterns and colours, which is made by hand and with the materials of cement, sand and mineral pigment.

Cement tiles can be used to decorate both the wall and the floor. Because of its unique and exquisite texture and beauty, the cement tiles are widely used at the palace, museum, concert hall, high-class residences and clubs and so on, almost spanning the entire modern history.

Compared with the ceramic tile, the cement tile is handmade with grouting and hydraulic pressure without fire. The colour and pattern (with a thickness of 3-5 millimetres) of the cement tile keep it from wear and tear throughout the years. The material features of cement will make the wrapped slurry glossier after a long time of usage and maintenance.

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